What to wear on a first date 

What to wear on a first date?

Regardless of whether a woman is 15 or 55, and regardless of the era, every woman has wondered about this before going out with her man. The internet may not have always existed, but girl friends did exist (although they may not have been trusted), and mothers who were suggesting women wear slightly longer skirts have always been around. And I’ve asked myself: do men wonder what to wear? So, I went on google and I realized that men think more about what they should and should not do on their first date. I then read articles that were advising men not to take women out for dinner, but to take them bowling instead (who on earth writes these tips?).

We live in an era in which female and male roles are not always crystal clear, and we sometimes think that playing our part helps to create a healthy relationship. I think that this could not be more incorrect. What does this have to do with clothing? Well, I think that the first tip for picking the right outfit  is to choose the outfit that makes you feel comfortable. What makes you feel comfortable? (Please don’t tell me it’s a track suit!). If all you wear is dark lady outfits, you will probably not feel comfortable wearing a tasteful dress. Likewise, if you are used to wearing ballerina flats, you would probably not feel comfortable in 4 inch heels. You should not appear to be someone that you are not on your first date. You should be a better groomed, more feminine, prettier version of yourself.

Most men prefer natural women with little make up on. So, avoid using lots of “fake” stuff: eyelashes, nails, hair extensions, corsets, silicon push-ups and anything else that you may think of.

To feel at ease, you need to be prepared for the occasion, so go ahead and ask where you’re going. If the date will involve pizza and movies, you should opt for a more relaxed look. If you are going to a restaurant and a club, make note of their names and try your best to figure out if their ambiance is casual or elegant. That way, you will not go wrong. If he says “it’s a surprise”, he is dealing you a tough hand. However, you cannot go wrong by wearing jeans, high heels, a silk top, a blazer and a few chic accessories.

It’s a day before your date. It’s time to decide what to wear. Take a deep breath, open your wardrobe: I know that you are already saying things such as  :

“Here I go, facing the usual problem: I have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear.” – Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City).

Resist the temptation to clean out all of the shops in your area! Why? Because then you will avoid making mistakes and buying clothes and accessories while you are in a frenzy and want to wear something new. If you think hard about it, you must have a nice dress which suits you perfectly in your wardrobe and which has already resolved any doubts you had about what to wear on previous occasions. Choose it: you will feel at ease. Do you have a perfect pair of jeans? Wear them. Do you have a top that flatters your skin tone? Wear that one. Avoid really high heels unless you are used to walking in them comfortably (for the same reason, do not wear new shoes! You never know!). Feeling at ease in the clothes that you pick will give you confidence, which is a bewitching quality. This will also allow you to concentrate on the date, as you will not have to adjust your skirt or check out your reflection in every window. You have more important things to think about:

“Men are normally more interested in women who show interest in them then in women who have good legs” – Marlene Dietrich

So, the secret is to wear whatever makes you feel beautiful: choose one of the colours that suits your personal colours (skin tone, eyes and hair). Consider your favourite body parts, emphasise them (without being vulgar) and if you have any defects, they will not stand out.

Wear a silk dress that caresses your curves, or a vintage dress with a feminine cut, or trousers or jeans that make your bottom look good. Carry a small, feminine clutch. Avoid going over the top: bold colours, neck lines, skirts that are too short, too many accessories, sequins, or outfits that are too glamorous. Wear natural, but impeccable make-up. The same goes for your manicure (avoid the notorious drawings, flowers and glitter that have  already discussed HERE). Keep your perm soft if you have long hair. Wear spectacular underwear: you may not make full use of it on your first date, but it will definitely make you feel sexy.

Here is the usual tip: take a last look in the mirror. If you are not certain about an accessory, or f it seems over the top, take it off. Doubt is often a sign that you have exaggerated. Try to be punctual (at least on your first date!), as your man will appreciate it. Unlike the advice that is circulating on the web, my advice is: make him come and pick you up or take you out for dinner. Even etiquette suggests this, and etiquette is rarely out of fashion.

And enjoy the evening! You will miss the butterflies in your belly and the emotions stirred by your first glances after the first date is over.

What to wear on a first date - CosamimettooggiWhat to wear on a first date - CosamimettooggiWhat to wear on a first date - Cosamimettooggi

What to wear on a first date - Cosamimettooggi

What to wear on a first date - Cosamimettooggi