Image Consulting


Image Consulting

We help you create or improve your style.

First meeting

Image Consulting is aimed at men and women who want to improve, build or reinvent their image.

The first step, represented by a cognitive interview, is aimed at understanding one’s tastes, life and shopping habits, and the merits and flaws of one’s figure. This is why Cosamimettooggi offers anyone interested an initial interview by telephone, via Skype or in a café in the centre to understand what each client’s real needs are and how to help them enhance their image. The first meeting is free of charge and not binding to the purchase of counselling packages.

Once the objectives to be worked on have been identified, we move on to the actual counselling, which can be carried out at the client’s home or in our studios.

How does it unfold? What it consists of on a practical level?

Colour analysis

The starting point in image consulting is the identification of the ideal colour palette, as each of us belongs to a colour season determined by skin, eye and hair colours.

Through the use of coloured silk drapes, placed around the face, we help the client to understand what his or her donor colours are. Knowing and using the ideal colour palette means enhancing the face even in a soap and water version, any blemishes or wrinkles will appear less noticeable.

Face and figure analysis

The Cosamimettooggi consultant will analyse your face and advise you on make-up, jewellery and make-up, or shirt, tie and jacket cut.
The body like the face is made up of shapes and lines, knowing them means knowing how to choose clothes and fabrics that enhance us and avoid those that draw attention to small flaws; through the skilful use of cuts and colours in the right places we will apply camouflage techniques to balance the volumes of the body and make it more harmonious.

Wardrobe Styling

Do you too have a wardrobe full of clothes and end up wearing the same outfit over and over again? We will analyse your wardrobe together, figure out which clothes are suitable for your figure and size and which should be discarded and why; we will make new combinations together that will serve as a starting point and a reminder to create your own personal style; we will make a list of possible ‘must-have’ items for future purchases that will make your look perfect. You will receive the necessary instructions for organising the wardrobe by type and colour; with our help you will be able to make it perfect. At the end of the counselling, for those who have chosen a minimum package of four hours, what was analysed during the course will be summarised in a fully customised book in paper and electronic format. Our advice? Consider it your style book, keep updating it over time and filling it with the things you like and the perfect combinations you now know how to create.

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