Cosamimettooggi was born in 2012 as a personal shopping and image consulting agency in Rome.

In 2019 we opened our first physical point in the historic center of Civitavecchia, our hometown, Cosamimettooggi lab: a boutique with a coffee corner. It is a niche concept store where you can buy carefully selected women’s clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and household items.

Elisa Crisostomi

Co-Founder / CEO / Art Director

Elisa Crisostomi is Image Consultant, Personal Shopper, Blogger and Makeup Artist. Her know-how comes greatly from a higher education Master in Fashion Communication by the Accademia di Costume e Moda in Rome. She got her qualifications by attending Image Consultant, Makeup Artist, Wedding Planner and Sewing courses. She inherited from her sewer mum the love for fashion and high quality fabrics, and from her clockmaker dad she got her passion for handmade works, those you learn slowly and need no rush. She loves red lipstick, sarcasm, cats, white wine and people who don’t take themselves too seriously; she quickly gets tired of everything, that’s why she needs to change often: dresses, at least, she loves traveling but she really believes Baffetto’s pizza is the best in the whole world; she doodles her books all over while she’s reading them, she is in love with vintage shops and markets more than boutiques, likes socks more then stockings, believes that a woman’s elegance lies in small daily gestures and hopes there still exist men able to catch them, she is a semicolon’s fan, hates the world “amazing” and those who overindulge in it, she is deeply convinced there is so much beauty left in this world and thus, she tries to describe it in her own way, through her blog.

Sirio Simone

Co-Founder / CEO

Sirio Simone, during his professional career, acquired skills in the field of non verbal communication and self branding, also attending the Managerial Ability Program in Bologna; his goal is to help men who want to communicate an image of themselves which appropriately matches their position, and those companies willing to create or reinforce the Corporate Image.
He prefers open-space and relational activities, likes shopping and is keen on motors and four wheels. He also believes that a good life is deeply linked to a good food, reason why, together with his wife, he personally cultivates his own vegetable garden immersed in the countryside.
He loves nice people, nature and animals, not necessarily in this order.

Melissa Rossetti

Trends Editor

From Biella’s countryside she moves to Milan, a city she deeply loves, and within the metropolis she recreates her own little bucolic life… dwarf rabbits, turtles and goldfishes scampering around the house, and her loyal Ippolito, a basset hound that follows her wherever she goes. She loves good food and fashion, she dreams of writing a book, having a greenhouse at home, and being able (one day) to afford dining at the restaurant every single evening. Her profile is completed by the following traits: her strong humor, self-criticism and her sweet tooth for high-calorie foods. She is also obsessively tidy, a great listener, thinks cats look hatefully at her, has many tattoos and changes her hair color every month!

Mara Vigna


Born in the South, between sun and sea, despite her pale skin. She is a translator, passionate about books, art and foreign cultures. She travelled the world by using every possible means of transport, including her legs. In love with nature and dogs, with whom she has a better relationship than the one she usually has with her boyfriends.

Serena Lucaccioni

Content Editor / Copy

Born in Rome on a rainy Thursday, she studied art and design, dedicating herself to different sectors. She has been passionate about fashion since she was a teenager, at sixteen you can find her under the stage as a concert reporter – always strictly in twelve heels! In the meantime, she graduated in design and subsequently graduated from the IED. At the age of 24, she founded her own jewelry brand, while at the same time she carries out consultancy work as a copy or content editor for various realities in the fashion sector. She loves fashion, art history, vintage and toys, which she collects in a particular collection.