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The stylist is the figure who coordinates aesthetic-creative representations for commercial purposes, from photo shoots for advertising purposes to fashion editorials, the aim: the maximum enhancement of the product… but not only. What we really love about this profession is the possibility to ‘tell stories’ through clothes, accessories, make-up, hairstyles, images and suggestions; stories that are sometimes only apparent to individuals with a remarkable aesthetic sensibility or to insiders in the fashion system, but also for this reason so fascinating. Styling is nothing more than a synthetic way of defining a wide range of aesthetic manipulations, an ensemble of visual and cultural elements that find a magical harmony with each other. Aesthetic research that finds its expression in the body, a manifesto on which to record a series of codes and messages, has its roots in past civilisations and evolves along with social structures. Our sources of inspiration? The poetic photography of Peter Lindbergh, the creative looks of Patricia Field (costume designer of ‘Sex and The City’ and ‘The Devil Wears Prada’), the eclectic style of Katie Grand and the commitment of yesterday’s and today’s fashion designers whose work has created and innovated.

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The Woman I love

A fashion movie we had the pleasure of collaborating on inspired by the complex and fascinating character of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor. A sophisticated, sharp and brilliant woman, she induced Edward VIII to abdicate. A portrait of her double soul: uninhibited American bourgeois woman on the one hand, and casual careerist on the other; diligent wife between tea sets and royal crystals on the one hand, cultured and tenacious style icon on the other. An alternative and intimate viewpoint of Wallis, where the two personalities blur and intimacies and confidences are stirred to reveal an unexpected side. A selection of images from the fashion movie directed by Marco D’Amico.

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