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Cosamimettooggi offers Personal Shopper services in Rome.

It will be possible to book all the tours described on the Personal Shopper for Individuals page. You can choose the language of your escort and any additional services to enliven your shopping experience.
Why go shopping in Rome?

Because you can breathe fashion in Rome.

We tell you some interesting facts about the history of Roman fashion that we are sure you will enjoy learning about.

The Fontana Sisters

Do you know who made the beautiful black dress worn by Anita Ekberg in Fellini’s film La Dolce Vita? The Fontana Sisters. They made the wedding dress of American actress Linda Christian, wife of Tyron Power, and were the first to create the uniforms for the flight attendants of the national airline Alitalia. The Sorelle Fontana founded their atelier in Rome in 1943, their dresses became famous among the divas of the time, some of their creations are exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Roberto Capucci

He opened his first atelier in Rome on Via Sistina in 1951. Christian Dior in an interview in Vogue spoke of Roberto Capucci as the ‘best creator of Italian fashion’. He was awarded a Fashion Oscar in Boston in 1958 for having created the Box Line, which was revolutionary from a stylistic point of view, his research was aimed at considering the garment as an unrepeatable creative work. At the Roberto Capucci Foundation in Via Gregoriana 56 in Rome, you can admire his sculpture dresses.


Valentino owes his name to his mother’s infatuation with silent film star Rodolfo Valentino. Red has always been Valentino’s favourite colour; his passion for theatre had convinced him that it was the most dramatic colour. From the very beginning, red was the hallmark of his style and contributed to the success of his clothes. When Valentino decided to open his first salon in 1959, he chose Rome, which in those years had become the capital of cinema and Italian haute couture. Elisabeth Taylor was one of his first customers and remained loyal to him for the rest of her life.

Why go shopping in Rome?

Because Rome has in its DNA the tradition of fashion, tailoring and craftsmanship today reworked in a contemporary guise.

It will be a pleasure to accompany you on your discovery of numerous workshops that have been there as long as the Romans have memory, introduce you to new fashion designers who elaborate contemporary models, take you to browse in street markets or simply help you choose the bag of that historic brand; Rome offers all this and Cosamimettooggi will be at your service in this pleasant discovery.

All you have to do now is book the Shopping Tour that comes closest to your needs.

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