The glitches’ law

Now, do you know those people who always reach their goals, and when they set their target they just go for it with no hitches?
Well, I’m not that kind of person. If there’s even only one remote chance that something is going to interfere with any activity I’m planning or organizing, just be sure it is going to happen.

Once I verified this law when I was about 15, I had two possibilities left: to adopt a negative attitude or to try and “foresee the unforeseen”, somehow. I chose the second one: I never liked negative people. To be used to foresee 80% of possible glitches means you are prepared, and this, by some means, improves your life.

Such an introduction to tell you my adventure when creating Limited Edition N.1, a small clothing line inspired to the application of image consulting techniques, now online on this website’s e-shop, at last.

Since the beginning, my idea was to create a handmade product, made in Italy by experts. I decided to entrust a small Italian laboratory, which I found out commissioning its products to Chinese laboratories that did not guarantee the quality I wanted for my clothes.
And thus, as “foreseen”, I took my fabric rolls up and looked for a second laboratory, which once again was not able to finish off the clothes as I wished.
I took up my rolls again, and they finally ended up in a small laboratory, now really managed by expert artisan hands, who professionally knew how to put the finishing touches to hems and necklines, just as I imagined them.

I choose to share my experience with you because I’m sure many young creative talents and designers lived the same experience while struggling to realize their dreams. Sometimes it seems hard, but seeing your own drafts becoming real truly pays you back for every single effort.
Today, I introduce you my Nicole Skirt, realized to make the most of the “rectangle” body shape, that includes those figures with a waistline that is not too accentuated and shoulders in line with the hips. I matched it with a very neat top with thin straps and a short jacket.
As you can see from the pictures, I was trying to do a cartwheel and not losing balance or falling, trying not to graze my already marked knees nor making weird faces. Well, I don’t feel like I did it!

At Fleur Garden you can find all the flowers we chose as setting for our pictures. It is a nursery in Viale Trastevere, Rome, where you will also find kindness and willingness in the owners: they will help you pick the perfect flowers for your gardens, balconies, windowsills or bikes…or just to match them, if you want, with my Nicole Skirt.

The glitches’ law - CosamimettooggiThe glitches’ law - CosamimettooggiThe glitches’ law - Cosamimettooggi The glitches’ law - Cosamimettooggi The glitches’ law - Cosamimettooggi The glitches’ law - Cosamimettooggi The glitches’ law - Cosamimettooggi

I was wearing:

– Nicole Skirt
– Tank Top Just For You
– Abercrombie & Fitch Jacket
– Calzedonia socks
– Guja Heels