Iconic, practical, timeless: these are the adjectives that describe a garment that has always been in fashion…the parka. It isn’t winter without parka and, probably, there isn’t a closet that doesn’t guard one. On the other hand, the catwalks continue, year after year, to propose it as a must have and never as in this case is really nice to adapt. But when and where born the fashion of parka? Let’s be honest: the parka is a prehistoric discovery, the hunters of that time were already using animal fur to warm up; the real boom came after World War II, however, when the military of the U.S. Army began to use it: since that time, this “anorak” began to be loved by sportsmen all over the world and, in particular, by skiers who were frequently have to deal with freezing temperatures. The best-known model, the one who paved the way for all the others, is undoubtedly to Refrigiwear that made its appearance in 1954.

Designed to become the protection of those who worked in the cold, the parka, soon became a fashion among young people and since then there has never left, he was seen in London, the city of fashion, where it became the symbol of the Mod style.

Today we find it declined in many variations on the catwalks of many brands, from Miu Miu to Belstaff passing through Tommy Hilfiger. Comfortable, warm , classy: the three magical adjectives to describe a parka. A must-have. Any advice on how to wear it?

Belstaff - Cosamimettooggi
J Brand - Cosamimettooggi
J Brand
Miu Miu - Cosamimettooggi
Miu Miu
Miu Miu - Cosamimettooggi
Miu Miu
Miu Miu - Cosamimettooggi
Miu Miu
Rag & Bone - Cosamimettooggi
Rag & Bone
Tommy Hilfiger - Cosamimettooggi
Tommy Hilfiger

Parka outfit

Parka Outfit - Cosamimettooggi