The Hashtag #HmBalmaination presents the new ad hoc collection for H&M. And it’s the fashion designer Olivier Rousteing who personally presents his idea for the Swedish fashion giant.

The collection is revealed by Olivier in person, from the Red Carpet of the Billboard Music Awards, together with two special guest, the stars and friends Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Dunn, wearing the iconic pieces of the collaboration.

Geometric patterns, ethnic tastes and biting colors: these are the choices the fashion designer is aspiring to. He creates a young fashion that directly communicates to this generation, asking: where, if not to H&M?
Famous for being within everyone’s reach, always driven by fashion and with an eye towards the target!
Balmain’s classic luxury is blended with H&M’s simple and neat lines: cuts and colors so vivid and energetic that they unleash sensuality, and they will be available in specific stores selected by the Swedish company from the 5th of November.
We all know this date thanks to past collaborations, where we bought studded jacket by Versace, coats by Margiela and accessories by Anna Dellorusso.

The fashion designer aims at “talking to his generation”, and he launches the project through the Hashtag, synonym for Social and Global Communication, as he imagines the movement created by this collaboration.

H&M represents everyday life for all of us, and now we will have the possibility to experience such a great combination with Luxury, fashion’s wildness!
As Anna Dellorusso said in the famous song… “we need a fashion shower”…and thus, we will wait for this collection’s presentation, we’ll choose the items that cannot be taken by someone else and…let’s be prepared for a few hours line, with biscuits and hot chocolate, in front of our nearest store!

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