2016 Winter Shoes

If the wardrobe is packed with clothes… (it sometimes happens at the change of season to even find some never worn and forgotten ones)… another weak point for women (but not too much) is the shoe rack, for sure.
There are many types of shoe racks: the organized ones, the in view ones, or whole closets full of hidden shoes.
Because, yes, among our manias, shoes clearly have a first place.
Starting from everyday shoes we almost wear out because they are so comfortable and fit every need, to those we keep as a relic and only wear once, but how gorgeous we are that one time.
In this fall that hesitates, and this winter that doesn’t peek out yet…we have many different possibilities to choose from.
Did you already fall in love with some of them and prepared a “mental” shopping cart?
Well, we still want to suggest something that is in our hearts…and on our feet!!

Flared and wide leg trousers are back, so stiletto automatically gets in pole position. Refined and romantic for Gucci and Emporio, very rich colors for Pucci, fully decorated with pom-poms and laces wrapping the shoes.

Bomber jackets from 90’s recall sneakers, a jump back in the sportswear, our unforgivable Adidas, now matching in unforeseen chic ways.

Our “femme fatale” coats are going to be in green, bordeaux, every shade of marsala (color of the year) and pink, not the pastel shade now, but the dusty one. The craziest item for this season will be furry shoes, soft muppet furs on our feet, placed on moccasin-sabots which will keep you warm while walking through via Montenapoleone, or via Condotti, if you prefer.

Always so “bon-ton lady”, Prada shoes, original and feminine.
And then, the contrast with the Chunky shoes, a bit punk and always with wedges ruling, from the Mary Jane to those laced shoes bad girls still don’t want to give up to!

Overalls and the 70s are finally back for real, the rock theme with its fringes is really strong in every runway and we are so happy for that, isn’t it?
Let’s match them this way so we will be Folk too!

2016 Winter Shoes - Cosamimettooggi 2016 Winter Shoes - Cosamimettooggi 2016 Winter Shoes - Cosamimettooggi 2016 Winter Shoes - Cosamimettooggi 2016 Winter Shoes - Cosamimettooggi