Unexpected gifts

I have always been a bit allergic to and maybe envious, in a healthy way, of those people who claim to own absolute truths, and also to those who program every single detail of every single thing about their lives: their future career, the path to follow, the city to live in, a creed to believe in at all costs or not, if and when they will get married, if they will do that once, twice or maybe 8 times like Liz Taylor, if they will have babies, when to have them and, most importantly, what to teach them in order to raise them as good persons.

Well, at the end of my 34th year, I personally still don’t have a clear idea about many of these aspects: I like to make up my mind and I also like to change it if I feel so, or let things happen “here and now”, as in the title of one of my favorite books, without making too many plans. At the end of the day, are they worth it?

So it could happen, after a New Year’s Eve in a mountain lodge, while going down the fascinating Marmolada peaks, that a doubt starts weaving into your head, and that doubt becomes real once you get home; so real that you find out you are having a little dwarf, as big as a blueberry, an unplanned blueberry, that you have already put through lots of things because you just didn’t know he was there, but you already feel inexplicably bound to.

It’s been a year now, baby blueberry was born despite all of my fears, during the hottest summer I can remember. He’s now 4 months and he has already shaken my life more than everyone else, filling my days with big smiles, many diapers and an infinite joy, together with a healthy dejection when I hope my waistline will get back to an acceptable size.

Being a mum is exhausting but wonderful, and being a mum on high heels with straightened bangs is just a little bit more tiring, but we are working on it.

Here you have some pictures from his welcome party, a few months ago.. I hope you like them..