Infinite red

It would be quite commonplace to define it the color of love, Valentine’s day is over, or the color of passion, which has something to do more with black, mischievous see-throughs and seductive laces.
It certainly is the color of lipstick, if you think it should comes in no other shade than the red ones;
it’s the color of toenails;
it’s the color of the world juiciest fruit: cherries;
red are the soles of the most beautiful shoes on Earth, for which, as for cherries, one leads to another…
velvet red is the color of a gift’s bow, left somewhere just for you;
back in the day, red were Dorothy’s shoes in The Wizard of Oz, which she matched with light blue sock. Perfect color to go with red, good job, Dorothy!
Red is pasta sauce;
the cheeks of those who still blush at a compliment;
politicians’ ties during their campaign;
and scarlet is the letter that tells about an old puritan world, not so far away from the one we live in today.
The Picchio is red, a restaurant you really have to try, especially if you live in Rome!
Valentino is red, he actually invented a nuance for himself.
Red is also that color that “in theory” never ever goes with similar shades, such as pink or bordeaux, and instead when you match them, they just work perfectly together, as opposites irremediably attracting each other;
Red and wet is my silk vintage dress.
Christian Dior said: “there certainly is a red for everyone”, so, my friend, be it scarlet, purple, cherry, coral or crimson, you have a mission now: find out which one is yours!

Infinito rosso - CosamimettooggiInfinito rosso - CosamimettooggiInfinito rosso - CosamimettooggiInfinito rosso - CosamimettooggiInfinito rosso - CosamimettooggiInfinito rosso - Cosamimettooggi

I was wearing:

– Louis Feraud vintage dress
– Vintage hat
– Vintage bag
– Vintage boots