Heels for everybody! Run, girls, now you can!

And then, it’s summer again, longing the sea, running on the beach, strolling while holding an ice cream, romantic weddings under the arbors, and… As usual, we promise we’ll buy comfortable shoes, not to look like “those with the feet swollen because of the heat”, tortured by ankle laces, too high heels, uncomfortable plateaus…
But as we all know, it’s quite impossible for us to resist a h12 stiletto, we feel slim, bright, our not really thin knees magically looking firm and toned, a slender figure and every dress fits us “so well”.

That’s true, but this year fashion gives us a hand, so in addition to the usual incredibly high heel décolleté, or the 5cm plateaux sandals (yes, they keep selling them), and those jewel sandal that only Valeria Marini can afford; man fashion week, from Pitti to the party along the Arno, completely changed direction to the summer heel.
Models, bloggers, stars, they all magically “lowered” and thus, if they did it, so do we, finally!

Since Gucci runway it was predictable that many would have loved the flat sabot, low, colorful, with hooks and fur in and out.
Prada flat with attached flowers let all romantic girls dream, but there’s a lot more in this SS17 season!

Let’s start with the “pool slides” by Miu Miu, pop colors, art deco flowers and ton sur ton logo.
Don’t you know Zyne slippers? They’ll really shock every soirée, so go and spy their website  and you’ll realize how much elegance a slipper can have, how decorated and redesigned it can be in an evening context.

Among the main themes for summer 2017 we find the tropical: flamingo, toucan, palms, feathers, colibrì. Also, the bon ton or ballet theme: laces, vichy, jewels and glitters.
Romantic women will definitively be happy about these collections, wearing very simple shoes, as the little spider by Susana Traça, but with an explosion of colors, as in Rio Carnival.

But now, let’s focus on the collections. Everyone, and let’s state it clearly, everyone presented the 3 cm heel, round, squared, thin, but in general, they really pushed medium heels… probably because they’re so cross and comfortable, and include such a wide target. If you prefer them precious, elegant, stylish, gipsy, etc., you just need to choose.

And talking about choices, don’t forget, you Prada addicted, that you can have them custom-made just for you. Shoe upper – jewel brooch – insole – heel type – box – numbers, these are all choices you can made to have a personal and tailored shoe.
We have 8 weeks from the purchase to the delivery, so be prepared: in 8 weeks we could see the first Prada showing up on the fashion victims’ socials!

Miu Miu
Susana Traça