Dear Santa … this time for him

For all of the latecomers between us, always in a hurry… Let’s stop for a minute, with calm, let’s read the wishlist for our beloved men!

We all know, men are less used to pampers… more practical during shopping, quick and essential. Or, at least, this is how we like to imagine them, because most of them actually spend more time than us in the bathroom and can even try on a pair of jeans three times in the restroom, just “to be sure”, etc.…
But for our favorite man, the one in our heart, dad, big or little brother, boyfriend, son… we created a list just to make him feel as important as he is in our life.

8 – Past materials, modern technologies fro the Blume bike. The last version propose by this brand is so Vintage, with large wheels and modern shapes. Useful and handy to win the traffic everyday within the city. In mid blue, so masculine.

7 – Matching the travel bags for bike in cream and dark brown.

6 – Pijama, a trendy brand for each and everyone of our needs: covers, bags and more, for her and for him. Weekend backpack, macbook and iPhone cover, for the fashionable and prissy boyfriend; in dark denim, velcro finishes and zipper for the backpack.

5 – Panerai watch, classy, it does not need many words to describe such an important present.

4 – In Via Montenapoleone 9 you can find the “Coltelleria Lorenzi”, where you can buy a golden razor for your dad, a corkscrew for your sommelier uncle, and a pipe for your grandpa. The packaging and the handmade look will instantly make you feel “good daughters and nieces”. Just remember to have some coins back when you give blades as a present, or it is bad luck!

3 – Acqua di Parma represents one of the most sensual and aromatic fragrances ever, so go to the boutique and let yourself indulge in that atmosphere and choose the perfume for him. It is said that a perfume is often a banal present, well, this is not that case.

2 – The world map: a gift to personalize and refine by hand. We can buy a map and a metal sheet in the same size. Now glue the map on the metal sheet, buy magnets and start positioning them on the places you visited together in one specific color. Also give him other magnets in the same color and another one, so he can trace all of his destinations.

1 – “Lama” armchair by Zanotti, nothing more beautiful and personal than having your own armchair, where to relax when you get back home or when you need a break in the office. Not just a design object.

Ok girls, now go for the final Shopping rush, this time and only this time, FOR HIM!

Dear Santa … this time for him - Cosamimettooggi