Swap Party

Swap Party is an idea which was born in California, in San Francisco, in the 90s. Cosamimettooggi imported this barter celebration in Italy.

They say that every woman has, on average, 24 items at the bottom of her wardrobe, including clothing and accessories, which she does not use any longer.

What can you do with that dress worn once, those too high heels, that necklace which is too colourful, that wrong gift, or those perfect jeans which are the wrong size?

Cosamimettooggi regularly organizes cocktails in the city’s coolest venues where you can exchange clothes and accessories while sipping a Cosmopolitan or an excellent glass of Rosso di Montalcino.

How does Swap Party works and when does it take place?

If you are interested in participating in the next Swap Party edition, fill out the form immediately: you will be contacted two weeks before the event, and you will be given the date and place of the party. The participation fee is € 10.00 and includes the admission and a drink.

When the doors open, you will be registered and you will deliver the clothes which will be assessed: for each garment or accessory you deliver , you will receive a token with which you can barter a corresponding object later on.

You will receive a welcome drink and find our professionals waiting for you, to take care of your hair and make-up, all that with a background music for a perfect happy hour.

Meanwhile, our staff will prepare clothes and accessories for the exchange, and an out- and-out boutique will be set up with stands, tables and fitting room.

The out-and-out Swap Party will start at 07.00 p.m..

Partecipate in the Swap Party

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    Event Agenda

    17.00 Door opening - registration - delivery and evaluation of clothes
    05.00 -07.00 p.m. Music - Cocktail - Hairstyling - Manicures - Make-up
    07.00 - 09.00 p.m. Swapping

    What to bring?

     Bring at least three items, but not more than eight items per person. You can exchange them with the same number of items.  Bring at least three items, but not more than eight items per person. You can exchange them with the same number of items.  Please, do not bring underwear. Please, do not bring more than two items per person including shoes and accessories.

    Would you like to contribute to our Swap Party as a sponsor and promote your business?