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Shopping Tour

Cosamimettooggi arranges Shopping Tours in Rome, Milan and in any other city upon request. After an initial conversation, we will create the tailor-made tour, designed on your tastes and shopping needs. You can choose what to include in the itinerary: from luxury boutiques to vintage shops, from lifestyle stores to the most supplied outlets, from the most well-known routes to small pearls which are hidden in the city, from new talents to historic brands.

Cosamimettooggi will do a preliminary search for you (included in the rate) to check if shops have the items you want to buy or have the suitable sizes.
On the Shopping Tour Day clothes will be selected and our consultants will take care of changing sizes and garments while you are taking only the best of shopping in the dressing room. An expert’s exterior gaze will help you to identify and buy only those garments really suiting you.

No more shop assistants who shamelessly lie about a garment fit just so that they can sell it to you!

The proposed tours are available in different hourly formulas:

All Day (8 ore);
Half Day (4 ore);
One Shop (1 ora).

Classic Tour

It includes the most famous shopping streets and the best stocked concept stores.

Fashion Tour

It includes high-end and one brand boutiques for fashionable customers who are attentive to the latest trends.

Vintage tour

It includes high-end and one brand boutiques for fashionable customers who are attentive to the latest trends.


For those who dream of the perfect outfit fitting like a glove Cosamimettooggi offers a selection of the best ateliers and coutures. For those who want jewelry, bijoux, bags and customized accessories Cosamimettooggi will let them discover ateliers making unique pieces.

Outlet tour

It is a route designed for those who want to buy big brands at discounted prices, we organize guided tours for up to 50 people in the most famous Italian outlets including: Valmontone, Castel Romano, The Mall, Space Prada Outlet and many more.

Wine and Food Tours

This is the right tour for those who appreciate the Italian culinary culture and love to indulge in the pleasures of good food. It is created to taste wine, oil, sweets, ice creams and local products in carefully selected locations.

For Him

Image plays a central role in a man’s career. A man dressed with elegance, style and good taste communicates charisma and self-confidence.
Cosamimettooggi will take you through the most exclusive ateliers in search of the most suitable look: from the big designer names to the tailored suit, the cut will be perfect and the fabrics will be refined. We will let you discover master artisans who produce entirely handmade men’s shoes from the wooden model to the model designs, up to the leather processing.
Choosing the “right” color is of paramount importance for a man. Unlike a woman, he cannot correct the effect of a “wrong” color on his face with makeup. Furthermore, a man, even more so than a woman, sends clear messages to the external environment through the choice of colors in his clothing (it is an example the choice of politicians to wear a red tie on the election campaign). You will learn how to send right messages through the colors of your outfits.
Cosamimettooggi will help you to choose a look that expresses self confidence, reliability, authority, or whatever your situation requires.

Shopping on Commission

For those who are very busy and need to delegate purchases or gifts Cosamimettooggi can be a perfect ally. We will follow your directions in the search or purchase of objects, clothes, or that bag for which there is a long waiting list, and we will deliver your purchases right to your door, even abroad.
Cosamimettooggi will be of assistance finding suitable gifts for any occasion, ceremony, anniversary, birthday, festivity and special occasion; it will help you to choose the wedding list and purchase special items.

Shopping on Approval

It is one of the services on commission which will allow you to try on and choose clothing items comfortably at home or, if travelling, in your hotel room.
Cosamimettooggi will take the clothes to try on from a selection of shops, and the customer can choose whether to buy or return them.

Shopping and Shipping

For tourists who do not want to go home with heavy bags or for those who want to receive clothes or tailored shirts made in Italy in their own Countries, Cosamimettooggi will handle the shipping of purchases. The collection and the packaging will be followed by our consultants with the option to ensure the contents of shipments for high value garments.

Special Look

Would you like a total look for a special day or evening?
Cosamimettooggi will be at your side for the whole day. Having found the perfect outfit, we will take care of your make-up and hairstyling: the result will be perfect!


This section is dedicated to discerning travellers who want to receive exclusive services regardless of cost. We take care of our customers by arranging luxury car rental or chauffeur services to visit the magnificent Italian locations, personal concierge services and booking for pleasure or business trips.
Below is a list of our special services:
✔ Personal concierge service: booking and personal assistance
✔ Luxury Car Rental
✔ Home Chef Cooking Service
✔ Private Charter Rental
✔ Yacht Rental
✔ Luxury Hotels and Apartments
✔ Tailored suits in hotels or companies
✔ Wellness and SPA treatments
✔ Golf Club

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