It’s the colour of laundry that is laid to dry in the sun.
It’s the colour of wisdom, of the hair of that woman who conveys natural class.
It’s the colour of bridal dresses, that you have worn, that you hope to wear or that you really do not like.
It’s the colour of surrender, as that is what a white flag indicates. But sometimes giving up takes more strength than fighting does.
It’s the colour of snow.
It’s the colour of peonies and daisies.
It’s the colour that, in a certain sense, contains all of the others.

And a soft white cotton sweater is what you need for cool days in September.

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I was wearing:

– A cotton sweater by Zara
– A lace petticoat by Intimissimi
– Open Toe Booties by Eisabetta Franchi
– Metallic vintage mini bag
– Oversized denim jacket

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