What to Wear at Christmas Time

My personal list of things to do about a month away from December 24th includes various issues that need to be considered, although not necessarily in this order:

Christmas decorations - CosamimettooggiChristmas decorations - Cosamimettooggi

– Buy some new Christmas balls, as it is traditional. This year, the shop called “Sempre Natale” (“Always Xmas”) in Via della Scrofa, Rome, is where I will be buying them. It sells hand-crafted decorations, and you would buy them all if you could!
– Update the Christmas playlist. Don’t tell me you don’t have one! Christmas music create an ambiance, which is often necessary for Xmas lunches and dinners with all of your family. My favourite Christmas music is Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra’s music. It reminds me of New York. I adore New York at any time of the year, but I especially adore it at Christmas time, with decorated shop windows, lights and the cold wind blowing through the sky scrapers.
– Have a clear idea of where and how I will celebrate on the 24th and the 25th. This is for two reasons: firstly, because, if I need to spend hours cooking, it’s nest for me to know ahead of time, and secondly, because the first step in choosing the right outfit consists in understanding whether or not the dinner or lunch will be formal.

Christmas decorations - Cosamimettooggi

And how about you, have you already thought about how you will dress for your Christmas lunch and dinner? Yes, you need two outfits. It’s best to plan ahead of time and avoid being unprepared, is it not?
Let’s start with the dinner: it’s time to get all of the outfits that are made out of precious textiles: velvet, jacquard, cashmere and silk are perfect. Sequins are best left for New Year’s Eve (unless they are poor quality).
Outfits that are knee-length and tight around the waist are best. They will help you hide your overfull belly. You could also wear soft-cut pants or tuxedo pants, with a silk blouse. You could also wear skirts that are above the knee. Pleated skirts are very fashionable this season.

As far as colours are concerned, black is fine as long as your entire outfit isn’t black. White or cream are also okay, even if your entire outfit is the same colour. Red and green are reminiscent of Christmas, but, unless you want to be mistaken for the tree, wear just a hint of red and/or green. Red nail polish or lipstick could be enough. Avoid overusing grey and blue. Keep them for when you go back to the office weighing a few kilos more!
I highly recommend jewellery. Choose it carefully. You have to be fabulous and glowing, even if you are the one organising the party. Perfect your look and consider wearing comfortable shoes.

When you attend lunch, stick to the same advice as provided for the dinner, where textiles are concerned. Choose precious textiles. Avoid wearing black, which is inappropriate for lunch. Choose neutral tones: white or cream. Wear natural make-up and style your hair naturally, e.g. in a bun or in a low pigtail.

And how about your aunt’s Christmas sweater? Unless you are celebrating in Lapland, do not give in to the temptation of pleasing whoever gave it to you. They are back in fashion, but they are not up to the occasion’s standard. And here is my last tip: if you are organising lunch and dinner, do not forget to decorate the table and make a beautiful centrepiece. Together with the playlist, it will create an ambiance.

Christmas outfit - Cosamimettooggi Christmas outfit - Cosamimettooggi Christmas outfit - Cosamimettooggi Christmas outfit - Cosamimettooggi Christmas outfit - Cosamimettooggi