What to pack for summer vacation 2015

Hey girls!
Ready for these craved holidays?
Between a weekend near the lake, a picnic in the countryside and a happy hour on the seaside, did you choose your holidays destination?
We all know…when it’s time to get ready for a weekend or a short trip, our hand-luggage is large enough and always filled with “everything we need”. Well, that’s easy… yes, because we would just need two outfits, we bring four and we are done…but when talking about real holidays: H E L P!
Today, we are not going to repeat those tips and tricks we all know, such as bringing a fabric bag which can eventually become an extra luggage, or the old but gold “I’ll take just a few things, I’ll go shopping there!”.
We all have our little tricks, but what matters is the NEVER WITHOUT
That is, those items you can never really do without, plus those trendy clothes you cannot do without during your vacations (sure, it would be perfect if these two matched!).

– Flared jeans: yes girls, we would never take our shorts or stretch and palazzo trousers off, they are essential but…never forget a flared trouser, timeless, and even more now we need it because, as already said, fashion this year is hippy and gipsy. We know that only few of us will actually be like a gipsy on a caravan, for everyone else, such an item will be enough to feel that mood!

Crochet: this is the season’s trend, lovely crochet, to feel gipsy again…ok, I’m not suggesting to wear granny lovely “potholders”, but just to be inspired by this trend and wear little crochet inserts that will make you look romantic and really trendy this summer.

White: the last years lived a real “white revolution”. Such a clean look was adopted by every car’s commercial ad and the runways too, the mood so loved by Laura Biagiotti is now loved by everyone, thanks to its freshness and cleanness, perfect for the summer.
Total white, please!

Adidas: yes, street wear is coming back again thanks to rapper musical trends and beyond, Adidas shoes are coming into the limelight, same old models, perhaps with a fringe, as proposed by Raoulle

Jelly shoes, to be trendy (and comfy) on the beach!

A couture top, for every situation, to have a particular item in your luggage is necessary: you’ll shine whenever you’ll wear it!

– Swimsuits and bikinis, unique, colorful, ethnic!

Tip: try to foresee your outfits before leaving, even if you’ll allow yourself some little presents to wear, but it’s way better if you’re prepared, with different outfits, all studied to be perfect, always!

What to pack for summer vacation 2015 - Cosamimettooggi What to pack for summer vacation 2015 - Cosamimettooggi What to pack for summer vacation 2015 - Cosamimettooggi