Summer on us

It really looks like even for us, so pampered by our warm Roman Octobers, it is now time to give up to humid and overcast weekends… We will start, or we already started putting off shooting days because of the wind, the rain or that gloomy light, spoiling your hair, makeup and outfits.

We decided to post our last (really?) “pseudo-summery” pictures taken a while ago, just to say goodbye to this long, hot and sticky summer with all the beautiful things it gave us, like memories of turquoise waters, enchanted lakes, old laces, ancient cities, long aperitifs, some place where to mess around, yes, sometimes you need it even if you are over 30, and Cuauhtémoc, the Mexican sailing ship you can see in the pictures.

I love thinking about its path: it sailed from Acapulco to reach Northfield, USA. Then it had to navigate for 23 years through the Atlantic before touching the Irish harbors; have you ever imagined how long can 23 days on the high seas be? It’s a bit like those cold days, looking eternally long, like weather warnings just started, will they ever stop? And so, what’s wrong in trying to save a bit of summer? On top of that, this fall did not start on the right foot, this September didn’t suit us, so, hoping October and November will do their best, I greet you from Cuauhtémoc.

Ps: I spared you the history of the name Cuauhtémoc, really interesting but macabre as well, to me…

Summer on us - Cosamimettooggi Summer on us - Cosamimettooggi Summer on us - Cosamimettooggi Summer on us - Cosamimettooggi Summer on us - Cosamimettooggi

I was wearing:

– Vintage pleated trousers made in France
– H&M Striped blouse by H&M
– Sunboo sunglasses
– Zara leather sandals