September rituals

September is that month when you buy brand new pencils, all perfectly sharpened, lined up and with their rubber tips not yet worn up.
It is the month when notebooks are blank and spotless and still to be filled up, and mumps coming soon are just a future premonition, it is the month when “new”-scented books still struggle to stay open, it is the month of stationery shops and fruit-scented pens.

September is also the September Issue’s month, and I’m not just talking about Vogue and Anna Wintour and her perfect bob, but of your personal shopping list, re-matching and modifying to refresh your look and adapt it to the next months, with one foot still in the sand and the other one already in our city days.

Deep down, September is a bit like January: we all come to terms with Summer’s end and split ends, and we write down lists of good intentions to be carried on for a few months from now. That’s just to check where exactly we are placed in our very personal list of to-dos and goals to be reached, even if, let’s face it, what matters is fixing those goals: the simple action of lining them up makes us feel better, then, there’s plenty of time to reach them… As long as no one is talking about fertility, please, and girls holding hourglasses which only brings anxiety.

But back to September and good propositions, one above the others: hoping very deeply that “Andiamo a comandare” and all its parodies may sink into oblivion, above all, those by the neighbor kids who do not seem to want to dismiss the summer hit of this 2016. God bless the ’75’s summer, when the Italian hit playing on the radio was “Buonasera Dottore” by Claudia Mori.

September is also the month to start talking again about gyms, diets, ginger, lemon, chia seeds, Mate and more miracle infusions, but at the end, every month is good to talk about remise en forme, for so many reasons. We would just like to tell you that, between an infusion and some seeds, a glass of good white wine during those evenings, not as hot and not yet cold, could be the right trick to get into this incoming autumn, if not with the right size, well… at least with the right mood.