September inspiration

Last month’s emotions are so many: Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, fashion weeks in Milan, Paris and so on.

Here you have a little map of what we liked most and, why not, what surprised us!

Let’s start from the beginning: August 28 – September 5, a discovery for someone, but many others were quite aware of what was going to happen.
As every year since 1991, in the Nevada desert, the coolest festival of the moment took place, unique and iconic, fully representing the freedom to express ourselves.
Not even aliens would be able to reproduce such a visual impact, metallic looks everywhere, almost primitive fire scenarios and performers from all over the world.
Anarchy and hedonism, art and music, a mix only the Burning Man can have, and be.
Thousands of visitors every year get this lost and forgotten city back to life, Black Rock City becomes the steam-punk style’s paladin.
This year we all heard about it thanks to some key presences from the star system like Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, Poppi and Cara Delevingne…
The event, which is really gorgeous in all its greatness, has been filmed through a drone by a filmmaker.

After the last summer breeze, for all of us who love and live fashion, and who are hungry for every news and show around it, the most crucial Weeks have started.Milano: Settimana della Moda Italiana

Milan: Italian Fashion Week
The National Chamber of Italian Fashion introduces it as an irresistible event, which will make your hands feel tingling, where everything becomes so frenzied because “time never passes”, and to celebrate such an event’s wait, it created a short film: “The Waitng Room”.
Models and receptionists killing time among lipsticks, selfies and papers,and then running cheerfully towards starting the fashion, as soon as the “bell” rings.

One of the best runways is Moschino Capsule Collection, where Capsule can really summarize the sense of the event: its invitation was a prescription by Dr. Moschino.
Capsules and pills are bags, accessories, covers…
The runway show starts with Gigi Hadid and it represents everything and its opposite: models and clothes are real but the dresses are drawn on the fabric, carrying stamps of different items: for example, a model wearing a wide skirt with shorts sketched on it, another one in a long dress showing the drawing of the silhouette and lingerie above, they even have tabs to be folded on the cardboard doll.
Simply imaginative, Moschino, Jeremy… always creativity at the top.

Welcome back Yves, well, yes, Vaccarello, new creative director for the Maison, dusts off the old and beloved brand in full, Yves Saint Laurent gets back on stage gorgeously with a very intense runway show.

Maison Margiela: glam pastels, matching vinyl and plastics, sandals, maxi glasses and snickers, for a woman of the future who looks like Captain Spock in Star Treck, with her blue lips, as if varnished.

We were all waiting for this bohemian style runway, inspired to Marie Antoinette, the second collaboration designed by Rihanna for Puma, Fenty.
It has not been presented in Milan as the first collection, but during the Paris Fashion Week, immersed in a Versailles-like style.
A man and woman show where sport’s world coexists with whalebones, corsets and tulle, powder pink above all, lilac, cream and wood green. Laces, pearls, bows, fans, accessories, all Puma branded.

Hood By Air’s lookbook made us crazy, overlapping clothes, zippers, cuts and bidirectional boots… something else?

Last but not least, because beautiful, a new commercial by Kenzo for its last perfume “Kenzo Word”. Filmed by the director Spike Jonze, it has the actress Margaret Qualley as protagonist, making a boring night out electrifying through a liberating and disconnected dance, plunging into a flower eye…