Ready for a new shopping season

2:00 pm, office.

After treating ourselves with a healthy lunch break focused on the bikini fitting and made of a bio salad, nuts, avocado, pomegranate and low in salt… thinness satisfaction is quickly replaced by “Oh my Gosh, I’m so hungry!”.
With Robyn’s “With Every Heartbeat” in my ears, I try to find the energy to avoid digging into the countdown to the holidays, and thus my next thought is, while Giulia from Zalando sends me her daily newsletter… Did I buy enough during the last clearance season?
Am I really completely satisfied?

So, I take a unicorn-shaped post-it and write down what I’m going to buy myself before the holidays and what is absolutely going to become a must have when I’m back.
Let’s now talk about sea, holidays, tan and suntan products.
Strategy: better to have a small gift before the holidays and some big gifts after, when those are going to take my blues away!

Matching my Missoni beach towel, so multicolor that any color goes well with it, I could buy a swimsuit, but not a classic tan swimsuit, black and minimal…
No, I’d like a swimsuit with a personality, suitable for the evening as well, as a bodysuit.
A nice one-piece by Solid & Striped, maybe the Anne-Marie, vertical stripe, light neckline, right high-cut.
Yes, that’s me, sipping a Margarita under the sun and wearing a one-piece like Brigitte Bardot on the motorboat.

Once our little gift is set, let’s focus on the fun. We all love summer, heat, sun… but let’s be honest, how relaxed do we feel into a nice winter coat?
My little September sins will be the following:

Mule, N°21.
The Mules are slippers (we talked about them before) with an elegant allure, classic but versatile if matched with Capri pants, skinny jeans or bon-ton dress.
Those by N°21, you’ll recognize them by their maxi bow, so elegant and chic!

Jeans, slimming line by J.Brand.
Never forget the b-side, and J.Brand knows that, always careful to every detail.
Jeans is synonym of versatility, comfort and sensuality.
Slimming by J.Brand has all of this.

Bomber, Saint Laurent.
Winter coat or quilted jacket? Classic or comfy? Timeless or hyper-tech?
None of them. Let’s buy a new item, iconic, male and fashionable! The bomber.
With patterns, printed, light, lined, for the day or for the night.
My favorite version? Saint Laurent, glamorous, pink and fabulous!

Every season I save to buy the lifetime item, sure it’s going to last forever and I will love it forever. Gucci and Acne are among my favs but in these last years I had Vivetta in my top ten.
Modern, charming, feminine, romantic.
Then, go ahead and find this brand, and then buy some icon-item, it will be worth it!

JW Anderson UNIQLO.
When Japanese simplicity, squared cuts, extreme basic lines meet one of the most eclectic and particular stylists of Our 2010 Fashion.
JW Anderson works with Uniqlo on a collaboration made of wonderful lined items, jackets, scarfs and granny-style sweaters.

I’m running to buy the swimsuit! And dream about myself after the holidays, full of shopping bags, ready to face the new season! Brrrr!