It’s a pastel pink paradise… braids, little clouds, a swimming pool and a cabriolet shape a journey where you can lose and rediscover yourself in pink, irremediably pink.

Despite the usual gloomy image associated with the abandoned Californian Motel, the 4 Pop Muses have fun chewing their Big Boubles and setting up their cabriolet for a long journey, filling it up with water for the pool in it!

What a pleasure to fall asleep especially in summer around 2 pm and dream of our ideal travel…
It doesn’t have to be the great travel, but that journey that melts you in a warm dream…Californian landscapes, the desert and that sense of freedom where we rarely let ourselves plunge into.
Women, we all are just little girls grown up, loving Barbies, Miniponies and hair colored with peach mascaras.
The beauty of the video ad presenting “POP”, the new perfume by Stella McCartney, encloses all of this: womanliness is its base, nothing more POP than a pool within a pink cabriolet.

The fragrance comes within a minimal packaging, created through a new technology that saves one sandalwood tree (risking extinction) every 2500 bottles sold.
POP has flower scents, bright and iconic as tuberose, and sunny and summery as sandalwood, fragrances celebrating friendship, the joy of life and the discovery of independence by the one who wears it.
Always thinking of the planet, Stella uses an environmentally-friendly packaging, the shower gel and body lotion associated with the fragrance come in a plastic cover 100% recyclable, and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies that every single box of this line was produced from sustainable forests.

The director of its promotional campaign is Melina Matsoukas: she perfectly gives the idea of those POP Muses tasting their independence, unbridled, in search of adventure.
The whole video develops around these four icons as Grimes, the dream pop music icon, actress and activist Amandla Stenberg, the animal-rights activist Kenya Kinsky Jones, daughter of Quincy Jones and Nastassja Kinski, and the charismatic daughter of Madonna, “Lola” Leon.
In POP, the woman rediscovers herself through the journey, wears a petticoat, very sexy but not so provocative, a few gold rings and some tattoos as accessories, shoes by Stella, lace-up with high soles, and/or barefoot.

POP is a spirit enclosing and celebrating that special and thrilling phase of the life of a woman when she finds herself and becomes independent. It’s the spirit of freedom of that moment when you start living without worrying about judgments or etiquette” – Stella McCartney

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