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The Corporate Etiquette

Or rather the etiquette which applies to the business world, is nowadays one of the core values of a company in the field of communication.
Knowing the rules governing the working microcosm and being able to apply them under the right circumstances is the best business card which a professional could show.
The courses offered by Cosamimettooggi are addressed to companies, managers and professionals and can be modulated according to each client’s needs and to specific areas of interest:

Business etiquette

It is the set of rules, ceremonial and customs for proper verbal and non-verbal communication, inside and outside the company.

Global etiquette

To expand business abroad, you often need the physical presence of managers who have to be able to relate to the rules of Bon Ton and local Etiquette; from the rituals of presentation to the management of business meetings it is necessary not to overlook any detail that could compromise a fruitful business relationship.


A corporate leader has the task to motivate and guide his staff to achieve the results he is responsible for. More than anyone else, he has to learn to make a good first impression, to interact with stakeholders and manage critical moments.

Business lunch

The business lunch is increasingly considered to be a special place to generate business, thus it requires a conscious use of Bon Ton and Etiquette rules. There are right and wrong ways to manage negotiations at the table, and knowing them may guarantee your success.


It could be translated as “Network Etiquette”: it is a set of rules governing the user behavior in the use of electronics as a form of corporate and interpersonal communication. Knowing these rules will allow an educated use of newsgroups, mailing lists, forums, blogs or e-mail in general.

Manager Dress Code

”A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life,” Oscar Wilde said. A guide to both male and female wardrobe building is necessary to understand what cannot be missed and what is not indicated for a workplace. Knowing the psychology of color helps us to send and decode messages within the work group or in relationships with customers
Below is a list of our additionalservices reserved for corporate:


✔ Search and gifts supply for customers, suppliers and employees
✔ Drafting the vade mecum of codes of conduct
✔ Producing the dress code and training employees to use it
✔ Corporate uniforms supply
✔ Planning and preparation of business meeting

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