Of pink and blue

That’s it, here in Rome the first after-summer storm arrived and with it, traffic and klaxons and also the time to go to the cinema on Sunday evening.

Suicide Squad happened to be the first movie of this summer end, and, although so criticized, we actually liked it a lot, most of all for characters and costumes; an example is Harley Quinn, stared by Margot Robbie, the real movie star, in our opinion.

Directed by David Ayer, the movie is inspired by the DC Comics villains, which are never so evil in the end. But talking again of costumes and looks, the link between cinema and fashion is well known, and indeed, the ex model Cara Delevingne starred the role of the Enchantress and Jared Leto is the crazy Joker, with his green hair, studded teeth and tattoos everywhere on his body, but wearing suit, starched shirt and bow tie, when needed.

But back to Harley Quinn and her funny character, the movie’s costumer Kate Hawley said she was inspired by stars like Curtney Love and Patty Smith to create a look which is both rock and punk, made of super short hot-pants, collar, studs, fishnet stockings, high heels sneakers, smudged makeup and tied pigtails.

So, just for one second, the idea of shooting with a blue eye and a pink one popped into our heads, but just for one second, then we preferred just putting bows to the shoes… a pink one and a blue one, of course. As Miu Miu did… but in a more low-cost and a little bit Harley-Quinn-style version

And you can do this as well… you will only need a sewing shop, ribbons in different colors and scissors to give your “boring” décolleté a brand new look. As we said before, decorations are going to be a must for the coming Autumn-Winter season, so why not freeing your creativity and getting inspired by the movie of the moment?

And as regards the pink and blue smudged makeup, we suggest waiting for Halloween… to us, Joker and Harley Quinn are going to rule in every party.

Miu Miu Spring Summer 2016
Miu Miu Spring Summer 2016
Suicide Squad: Joker e Harley Quinn
Suicide Squad: Joker e Harley Quinn

I was wearing:

– Storets shirt
– Zara trousers
– Chocolate box… like clutch
– Zara heels (but customized)