According to my childhood memories, winter clothing was winter clothing and summer clothing was summer clothing. Middle grounds were not allowed: in the winter, silk skirts had to stay in the trunks for the change of season.

Lots of things change as you grow up: first of all, the trunk for the change of season has been substituted with a giant closet, and, despite the undisputed supremacy and practicality of the giant closet, my love for trunks has remained. Two or three of them have been deployed to my house. If you open them, an aroma of lavender emerges. You cannot not love them.

Whilst growing up, middle grounds and contrasts are not only permitted, but have become a lifestyle, at least for me. Because who is to say where the line between summer and winter, pretty and ugly, right and wring, vintage and modern, hate and love, sweet and bitter is? I could go on and on, therefore, it’s best to move on to today’s look, which is a silk skirt paired with a mohair sweater and satin sandals: I hope that you also like contrasts.

Memories - CosamimettooggiMemories - Cosamimettooggi Memories - Cosamimettooggi Memories - Cosamimettooggi Memories - Cosamimettooggi

I was wearing:

– Silk Skirt by  Peacock Blue
– Mohair Sweater by Zara
– Sandals by Zara