Ironic bags

Winter arrives relentless and we can’t do anything. We have to resign ourselves to cold and gloomy gray skies. But is this true? We really can’t do anything about it? On closer inspection there is some antidote. We are women and what would be the best antidote for us if the bags? This is the year of the ironic bags.

Stop serious bags, day and night, “we can dare”, with bags that express real life philosophies, which reflect a state of mind and bursting with joy despite the cold and clouds. Some examples? Definitely a must of this winter 2013-14 are Pandorine, some bags that are characterized by super ironic sentences. There are many bags and of all forms, but doesn’t matter if it’s a handbag or a shopper, are the phrases that characterize them. “Women don’t gossip, we keep up to date”: this phrase, probably, fully embodies the spirit of the entire collection. But it doesn’t end here, because even Braccialini has launched an interesting capsule collection marked by irony. Ironic sentences, strange shapes, are what characterizes this collection, called “Questions“. And they are real questions like “you are my king?” those you read about these bags. Clutch and trunks truly special, to snatch a smile with class. We cen’t forget even the bags with strange shapes that capture windows and walkways all over the world: red lips, fish, cars, skulls, clowns and much more. So much color and fun in this gray winter.

Dior - Cosamimettooggi
Givenchy - Cosamimettooggi
Fendi - Cosamimettooggi
Kzeniya - Cosamimettooggi
Olympia Le-Tan - Cosamimettooggi
Olympia Le-Tan
Pandorine - Cosamimettooggi
Pandorine - Cosamimettooggi
Sophia Webster - Cosamimettooggi
Sophia Webster
Braccialini - Cosamimettooggi

Azzurra Gronchi - Cosamimettooggi
Azzurra Gronchi