Image consulting

First meeting

Image Consulting is aimed at men and women wishing to improve, build or reinvent their image.

The first step, represented by a cognitive conversation, aims to understand tastes, lifestyle, shopping habits, the strengths and weaknesses of each person: that is why Cosamimettooggi offers a telephone conversation first of all, via Skype or in a downtown café, to anyone who is interested in understanding what the real needs of each client are and how to help him/her to enhance his/her image. The first meeting is free and non-binding to purchase consulting packages.

Having identified the goals to work on, the real consulting comes next. It may be carried out at the customer’s home or in our offices.

How is it carried out? What is it about in practical terms?

Color Analysis

The starting point in the image consultancy is represented by the identification of the ideal color palette, in fact each of us belongs to a chromatic season which is determined by the color of our skin, eyes, and hair.

Through the use of colored silk drapes set around the face we help the client to realize what colors are suitable for him/her. Knowing and using the ideal chromatic palette means enhancing the face, even a fresh and natural one, so that any defects or wrinkles will seem less noticeable.

Face and figure analysis

Cosamimettooggi consultant will analyze your face and will be able to advise you on make-up and jewelry, or shirts, ties and jacket styles.
The body, like the face, is composed of lines and shapes: knowing them means to be able to choose clothes and fabrics which value us, and avoid the ones which attract attention to small defects. We will apply camouflage techniques to balance the volumes of the body and make it more harmonious by the skillful use of cuts and colors in the right places.

Collection of clothes Styling

Do you to have a closet full of clothes and always end up wearing your usual suit? We will analyze your collection of clothes together, we will understand what clothes are suitable for your figure and size, and which ones should be discarded and why. We will make new outfits that will serve as ideas and reminders to create your personal style together; we will make a list of potential “inevitable” garments for future purchases which will make your look perfect.

You will receive the necessary information to arrange your closet by type and color, and you will be able to make it perfect with our help.

When the consultancy ends, what we analyzed during the course will be summarized in a Book entirely customized in paper and electronic format for those who choose a minimum package of four hours.

Our advice?
Consider it your style notebook, keep on updating it over time and fill it with the things you like and the perfect outfits you know how to create by now.

How the Image Consulting is carried out?

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