For all those women who are not “dwarf-addicted”

I don’t know for how many of you it is the same, to me it happens quite often so I told to myself, why not writing a post about it? After all, this space is not meant to only speak about clothes, shoes and, (above all) bags, but about what comes to our minds as well.
Have you ever met some friend-acquaintance-stranger who bothered you because in their opinion your biological clock has some kind of problem?
To me, this happens more and more… But let’s go in order.

Just back from my honeymoon… (which for many is strictly meant to reproduce, of course) a random girl: “So, no news?” with a wink toward my belly, and I, as a reply: “Nothing at all!” with my face actually telling: “ I’m just having my period, bitch, so stop staring at my swollen belly”.

Yet, recently, I heard at a very interesting rumor… as some well informed people say, I am actually going through the procedure for adopting a Russian child, because it is evident that, if after two years married you still don’t have a baby (or as I call them, a dwarf), being such inconceivable a choice, it must be because you can’t have one, and so, why not thinking to adoption?
Well, to all of those people I say, relax!
Every woman is one of a kind, thanks God, far be it from me to criticize who chose to have a child in their twenties or even younger, if this is what they decided.
As for me, I’ve always thought that everything in life needs its own time and weight, and dwarfs have a consistent weight, first of all, because they need to have a father that is a man, which is not just that easy to find today…and which is probably not the one you fell in love with when you were 18. 
Second, it takes time to look after dwarfs, to bring them up and try to raise them as good people, with their own mind, tastes and opinion. It’s already full of bad people out there.
And then, all of this and much more takes time and, for now, I just have not enough of it, so I spend my time doing so many other things that probably tell nothing to “dwarf-addicted” women, such as my job, my blog, clothes, travels, art exhibitions, cinema, theatre, a few nights out at the disco, a romantic dinner in tranquility once in a while, just trying to fill my head up with things I might teach to someone, one day. But, this is going to happen when my partner and I will decide so; and even if this could never happen, my life will still be happy and packed of things I love to do.
When the dwarf will come, he is going to find here a man and a woman able to love him, because they love their own life. In the meanwhile, if you really cannot accept such a concept you are still free to make up some other story…which I’m going to use for my next posts!

And while I’m waiting for the dwarf, I’ll keep photographing clothes…

For all those women who are not “dwarf-addicted” - Cosamimettooggi For all those women who are not “dwarf-addicted” - Cosamimettooggi For all those women who are not “dwarf-addicted” - Cosamimettooggi For all those women who are not “dwarf-addicted” - Cosamimettooggi For all those women who are not “dwarf-addicted” - Cosamimettooggi