Feels like spring 

After the great feast of the sales, we can say that winter is officially over, at least in the fashion magazines and in stores, spring collections are already popping up… And we are happy to leave those bulky coats and pull, to take place for the new and lightest fashion of the spring 2014.

What colors will be fashion? No doubt: the blue and orange are colors that reflect the season that is ready to arrive. But in this spring 2014 will be the season of  multicolor and lit fantasies: ready to say goodbye to dark colors of winter? Serving quite unusual, especially among garments of different color: spring 2014 will reserve many surprises in store for us in terms of originality.

All the top designers and the most prestigious fashion house proposed collections that go back a lot the colors and forms of Pop Art, but also take over the sensuality of the style jungle, hot by definition. But what strikes us most definitely is the new trend for this spring just around the corner is the new sporty style. Garments of different origins and styles mixed with very sporty accessories: whether it’s varsity jacket or a shirt football or, better, baseball, whether it be a shoe like the one proposed by Chanel with the heel that is a knot, or of a sports bag, it does not matter, because what matters is that there is indeed a touch of glamor but also much sporty style. Strips, odd pairings and casual look but at the same time chic: this is the mood of this spring 2014.

3.1 Philip Lim - Cosamimettooggi
3.1 Philip Lim
Alexander Wang - Cosamimettooggi
Alexander Wang
Dries Van Noten - Cosamimettooggi
Dries Van Noten
Iceberg - Cosamimettooggi
Prada - Cosamimettooggi
Prada - Cosamimettooggi

Feels like spring - Cosamimettooggi Feels like spring - Cosamimettooggi Feels like spring - Cosamimettooggi Feels like spring - Cosamimettooggi