February’s cravings

What do you crave for in February?

A weekend in a capital city, sun, and a nice St. Valentine’s present, it doesn’t matter if bought by your man or yourself!

And so, let’s see together what to look for among our favourite brands, in our vintage shops or in our dads’, boyfriends’ or old aunties’ wardrobes.

Colour. We desperately need colours: those borrowed by Carnival’s confetti, randomly put on – not too randomly – with our winter outfits; to colour our steps during these days, already a bit longer, in this month, just a bit shorter. The top one?
Yellow. Not only because it’s going to be super trendy the next season, but also because it’s the colour of sun and the blossoming mimosas. A tip: let’s save the total look for runways or August, February just needs a touch of it!

In February, we crave for a veeeeeery long earring, even better if just one, because details make the difference, as we always say (Saint Laurent);

we are going to need a quite “over” trench, steal it from your dad or your boyfriend, roll up the sleeves, pull its belt tight, pin some vintage brooches on it and you will be perfect (Prada).

Now, let’s go on: our February recipe foresees a k-way (Versace, Sportmax, Kenzo), a sweatshirt, a coverall or anyway something sporty, but to wear in the least sporty way as possible: with high heels and a clutch bag for example, or maybe with a necklace!

In February we desire a nightgown: for the past season we legitimized pyjamas and petticoats, well this month it’s going to be nightgowns-time. And far from using it only to get out of the bed, it will furtively replace our coat.

And then, there is a special craving that we love already even just for its name: the Pasticcino Bag by Weekend Max Mara. It’s a fabric bag (we especially like the striped ones) with the typical grannies’s purse latch, you’ll instantly love them!

Well, maybe we could stop now for February, because for sure, every month brings new cravings with it!