Dear Santa…

There’s nothing like a walk in the city center, the shopping boulevards completely dressed up with decorations, sparkling Christmas trees, living Nativities, street markets, and Santa Clauses everywhere…

Even for the most reluctant of you, the desire of celebrating has come: in this long relaxing weekend between ski runs and markets, we just couldn’t resist the decoration instinct.
Christmas tree: DONE (my house is so bright you should wear sunglasses);
Nativity: DONE (in miniature for space reasons but, yes, we have got the essentials);
Entrance door and outdoor lights: DONE.
Now deservedly chilling, we look at our preparations and yes, there’s just one thing missing… PRESENTS!
Christmas is near, and so is Christmas bonus and the arrival of online presents…
All of us, literally all of us, have long given up on our Santa’s letter, (not true) but we all have a not very well hidden wish list somewhere!
Ready for the question “What would you like for Christmas this year”? And here it appears a vellum paper!!!
Perfectly trained as usual, for our partners, friends and family members who forgot to write down everything, here it is a ready-to-use REMEMBER:

10 – A famous classic that should be reconsidered, the camera has a new skin now if you are looking for something particular. As the Lomo, with its old rolls but spectacular pictures!

9 – Acne is still one of the most avant-garde brands, with tech fabrics and great cottons; every Christmas is a chance to add a piece to our collection. For this 2015, I was thinking to a nice male cut shirt, in casual colors so we can always use it!

8 – It is always time for a new coat, in warm pink maybe, sensual and a bit oversize to let you feel comfortable and wrapped up in a warm woolen cover.
Other Stories has a great choice and prices are right!

7 – A tasting weekend is perfect for those who love savoring life, with their noses up, always looking for something tasteful. A good choice is Franciacorta area where during the grape harvest period it is possible to taste wines, cheeses and jams within the wine cellars.

6 – Mmmm… I know you want to buy me a present by Miu Miu, and since you are already there in boutique, well, don’t just stop to one, please.
Round glittery frame, so feminine you feel like a “goldie star”, they are perfect with those satin dark red sandals. Ready for a GLAMOUR day out!

5- Usually, perfumes for women are considered a bit ordinary as gifts, but if a perfume is gorgeous and even its packaging is so glam you want to keep it as a relic on a shelf, why not asking Santa for “Fresh” by Moschino?

4 – Everyone who knows you understand that your beloved job is not an elixir for your health, skin and soul. A day to relax could be the perfect gift, just look here… the chance to put yourself back in you feet, rest and get pampered.

3 – Technology is always a good choice for a gift, and we got so used to manage our lives through or smartphones it’s now time to get a new one!
Iphone, a name you can trust, in antique pink metal, to be Glam in every single moment of your time.

2 – For 2014 Christmas we asked for the furry little puppets for our key ring by Fendi.
Super soft to be hanged to bags and keys.
But now we want more: the black leather backpack with pink fur light bulb.

1 – A diamond is forever, but sometimes a nice jewel is enough.
To feel special and remember in a glance on your hand how loved you are, Le Marché des Merveilles’s ring by Gucci, with the bee bringing honey and sweetness.

Merry Christmas dear Santa, good luck with your work, we’re all waiting for you!

Dear Santa… - CosamimettooggiDear Santa… - Cosamimettooggi Dear Santa… - Cosamimettooggi