On Christmas you can do more…

Christmas advertising is the pleasure and pain of our times. From Coca Cola to Bauli and Melegatti, sweet fairy songs tell a candid Christmas, while mysterious communication systems hide behind children’s chants… Just kidding, of course. But well… not totally, because actually these ditties are a real call to consumerism, and “you can do more” means don’t stop buying, don’t let others down, you should do more. Oh yes…

But Christmas is also sentimentalism at its most: with people from Bergamo waiting for Saint Lucia to have their first sweets, Milanese ones waiting for Sant Ambreus to decorate their Christmas tree, and the rest of Italy waiting for the day of the Immaculate Conception, Christmas brings the world together, joins friends and helps meeting the loved ones.
Tv and the web can’t stop reminding us of this with tear-jerker spots such as these ones:

The bears struggle to end the road, a hug from their grandchildren.

The grandad learning English to get to know his granddaughter in another language.

But we, real lovers of consumerism in all its forms, unable to resist the call of Christmas lights, little packets and decorated shop windows, well, we fell in love with the Christmas spot by Wes Anderson, who already touched us with masterpieces like the Tenenbaum, Moonrise Kingdom and Grand Budapest Hotel, now lets us taste his own very personal Christmas in a short film he created for H&M’s collection.


Adrien Brody, the main character, is a train conductor who has to give the unpleasant announcement of an 11 hours and 30 minutes delay, and so in just 20 minutes, with a Christmas spirit fitting our mothers, sets up a a brunch at the end of the train, with decorations, Christmas tree and Santa’s hats for everyone. Thus, the director transforms a bad accident due to the snow into a party that doesn’t look unexpected at all.

Because the magic of Christmas reaches everywhere and touches everyone, especially if passing through the symmetric and pastel framings, with curious characters, as the ones by the super director called for the occasion!

Framings create this Christmas spot with a tracking shot on the characters, all of them in H&M Holiday Collection.
“We mixed informal items with chic details, catching the Christmas mood, that combines the desire to dress refined with the search for comfort usual when you spend time with the family”, claimed Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&M Head of Design and Creative Director.

Well, what else… Merry Christmas!