Try imagining a small shop where you will find a dress with a personality, one of those you find out during a holiday and where you will want to go back the following year. A little colourful place where you will have the chance to take your time, have a coffee and a chat, or read something.

Think of a place where you might discover a wine and the story behind it, or a coffee which was handpicked somewhere on the other side of the world… Well, we have been imagining it for so long and finally tried to make it real, and can’t wait to show it to you…

Our café-boutique was created from the idea of Elisa, the owner: wife, mother and passionate about fashion, the field she has been working in as a personal shopper since 2012.

Thanks to her marked taste for beauty, Elisa has been able to create a small space where to spend some time in delight… maybe sitting outdoors tasting a great cocktail and some finger food, or in the fitting room, choosing the perfect outfit for a party, a gala dinner or simply for some barefoot dancing in your own kitchen.
Colour, originality, quality and elegance represent our strengths: entering our café boutique you will find colourful outfits and unusual matches, especially studied to blow the dust off the dullness of mass produced items by big franchises.

Our motto is: “live in colours”, and more than a motto it is now a lifestyle to us: it means picking the tulle skirt instead of the black mini dress, changing direction and above all, changing your mind, always looking for beauty everywhere, even when it is not there, in other times as well. It means taking a breath and choosing a nice word, dancing although totally clumsy, it also means always staying curious and putting a lot of care in every detail… Will it be the right recipe? Who knows! For sure, it is our way of life.

We chose brands producing in Europe (in particular in Italy) who hire avantgarde designers and use excellent fabrics, such as silk, cotton, linen and ramie: Tela, Semicouture, Des Petits Hauts, Madame Shou Shou, Phisique du Role, Frnch, Suncoo Paris, King Louie, Kashura, Miss L Fire, The Jackson, Bonne Maison. To go with these brands, we are always on the lookout for fun handmade accessories, because the moment you open your wardrobe and look at your clothes we want you to be eager to wear them all.
Why Civitavecchia? We get this question from time to time. Because our roots are here; we have been thinking about a place for a while, then life took its own turn and the place we chose was the place closest to our heart: where Elisa’s father decided to open, more than 50 years ago, his own little workshop to repair watches. This had been the family business for many years, a job requiring a great deal of patience, which can be learnt slowly and unhurriedly… we love the idea that objects can still be fixed, and people willing to do it still exist. So, this is where we started, from Elisa’s dad workshop, inside the boutique you can still find his workbench and his tools, which we keep as memorabilia, and it is still possible to have your watch repaired between a coffee and a vintage dress…

What inspired our shop? The answer is often “a French bistrot”, but actually there is our whole world in it… There is everything we saw while travelling and left a mark on us: the flamingos we accidentally met in Cuba, the vintage shops in San Francisco’s streets, a wine we had in Venice, a small Italian bar in Soho where we used to have our breakfast during our New York trip… And that’s what we hope, that our clients feel as if they were on a short holiday when they come to visit us, just for a few minutes…

About our style, this is a little harder to describe, but we will try to tell you, starting from our coffee machine: a Faema e61, the queen of all coffee machines, still the original model from the 60s, and our fine porcelain coffee cups are from the 50s, carefully tracked down throughout vintage flea markets, our wallpaper is by Morris&Co, our “live in colours” motto transformed into a neon light, our bar counter inspired by Woodie Allen, the marble round tables are those you could spot in a Parisian café,  while the industrial chairs are all different colours.

Finally, outside the shop we created green areas and planted trees, because we firmly believe that care needs to start even before you come in our shop.

You can find our shop very close to the sea and the Civitavecchia harbour, in Via Zara (historic centre – Ghetto). It is placed inside a pedestrian area so you will be able to escape the stress of everyday life and enjoy some well-deserved relax, listening to jazz music and sipping a nice drink.

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8,30 – 19,00


8,30 – 19,00


9,00 – 19,00

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