A new light

And at last, our brand new website is online, after so much work, many revisions and a lot of patience; above all, the patience of our graphic designers, illustrators and specialists who had the bad luck of following us, among illustrations, shades, fonts and pixels up and down, right or left, line-spacing and tags and so on, over and over again…

Well, now our website has finally a new light: maybe it is because of its colors, or maybe just because it is our own, we really love it, after all, as they say in Naples “Ogne scarrafone è bell’ a mamm soja” (Even an ugly child is beautiful to his mother). We hope you are going to love it as well, and if you don’t, well… there’s plenty of blogs out there.

So, we are happy to introduce you Cosamimettooggi in its new look:

Cosamimettooggi is colorful… because a fashion that only speaks black&white is boring to us (even if perfect for a dress).

Cosamimettooggi talks about what it wants, because we think a blog should be personal and not loose its own identity.

Cosamimettooggi eats, and not exclusively salads (and that’s crystal clear, you could say), and it believes that considering Gigi Hadid a curvy icon does not help our society to be healthy.

Cosamimettooggi also has many other things to do beyond the blog, that’s why it posts one article per week, on Saturday, because having a blog is absolutely cool, but if we talk about money, unless you are Chiara Ferragni or the omnipresent Salvatore Aranzulla, you have to do something else.

Cosamimettooggi loves clothes, shoes, bags, art, travels, vintage, good wine, people who are straightforward and get passionate to something for more than one season, symmetries, handmade items, those you learn slowly and produce in no hurry, because waiting is an art, above all in these hectic days.

Cosamimettooggi is here, on this tiny web space, to share life bits and to look for beauty, in all of its shapes, even in this places, real or not, where it’s believed there is no more beauty. We hope this search is going to thrill you too!