Burgundy, a tone of red that has crimson shades.

It is a very trendy colour this autumn-winter 2015 season. It’s the kind of colour that makes you think of the winter as soon as you look at it, because it reminds you of grapes in the sun in a tepid afternoon and the leaves of the persimmon trees.

Its name comes from a wine (which is another reason why we like it) ,which, in turn, gets its name from a region in France. It is the colour of passports, and, yet again, we like it for this reason as well. How I long to use my passport!!

Burgundy - Cosamimettooggi Borgogna - Cosamimettooggi Burgundy - Cosamimettooggi Burgundy - Cosamimettooggi Burgundy - Cosamimettooggi

I was wearing:

– Zara skirt and sweater
– Alto Milano Socks
– Guja Mary Jane
– Stradivarius Necklace
– Vintage Jacket

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